Giants Rib Raid 2008

April 14th, 2008
Giants Rib Raid
Dont Get Lost

Host: Don’t Get Lost Adventure Running

Date: April 12th, 2008

Type: Half Marathon / Orienteering

Category: Male ( Team of 3 )

Team: Brent Hysop, Eric Lewis, Frank Job

Race Report : Frank Job
The day started at 4:30. Prepping, packing the backpacks, coffee atMacDonalds with a newspaper. I picked up the other members of the team at the Hwy 25/401 Car Pool parking lot.

Team Novarobot arrived at Rocky Ridge in the earth-green Novarobot van. Early as usual. We checked in, got our maps and started planning our routes. Degrees were flying and highliters were being used as we attempted to made our best route decisions. Some of the guesses were being left to when we were actually there.

Belleville was flooded this weekend. Guess what? It was flooded out west too. The ground was soaking wet and the water table was very high. This made some areas swamp where they used to be dry. And swamps and marshes had become small ponds.

A short captain’s meeting and we were off!

A subtle bearing error at the beginning brought us to a CP in one of those ponds. We had hoped to keep it till the end so getting soaked wouldn’t have mattered. Our youngest/toughest member (E) blasted thru, SI’d and we moved on. Good work.

Memories are a bit blurry, but I do recall endless amounts of bush and rocks. A very interesting walk along a cliff of rock. Cold bounding thru running water (streams overflowing paths and even roads) and balancing on rotten logs crossing marshes became an expected part of getting from cp to cp..

Finally we finished. A new record for Novarobot: 8 hours. Almost 2
1/2 hours more than last year. For most of the race, I was in “Death March” mode. We put it down to fitness problems, navigational errors and general slow progress over difficult terrain.

Basically not enough experience.

Burgers and hot drinks and a change of socks/shoes were very welcome after being wet and sometimes chilly all day.