Storm the Trent 2008

May 1st, 2008
Storm the Trent
Storm the Trent

Host: Storm the Trent Adventure Race

Date: May 10th, 2008

Type: Adventure Race

Category: Male Trek Elite ( Team of 2 )

Team: Brent Hysop, Eric Lewis

Up to the top division in Canada’s largest adventure race, Storm the Trent! This year, we’ve been training hard… erm or hardly training, for the top flight trek elite division. And male pairs is sure to be another tough race. We’ve been rocking the Storms as often as we can, and even managed a 2nd place last year, but in the short distance. This year, its playing with the big boys!

Sean roper puts on an awesome event, be sure to check it out if you have a chance. Loads of sponsors and prizes this year, its sure to be a memorable race.

Update !!! FIRST PLACE !!! No… Seriously. Team Novarobot took podium spot number 1 for the Trek Elite Male Pairs in this grueling race. We made some good decisions later on in the race, which enabled us to clinch the spot. wading through sunken forests for hours with water sometimes to our thighs was definitely the highlight! Ok, no the medal was. I’m wearing mine to bed.