Angry Seagull 2008

July 14th, 2008
Angry Seagull
Angry Seagull

Host: Angry Seagull Adventure Race

Date: August 9th, 2008

Type: Adventure Race

Category: Male ( Team of 3 )

Team: Brent Hysop, Eric Lewis, Doug Begbie

Travelling together through the wilderness, team Novarobot drags ‘da Begbie’ screaming into the forest. With gargantuan strides, our team will spend 24 hours of racing from checkpoint to checkpoint in this all new race for us. Approximately 150km of good times with a new racer, 3rd Place Solo Champ Doug Begbie will carry us through (maybe literally??).

We are all looking forward to the experience. Frank Job has stepped in and up to crew for us, and he’ll be tasked with organizing and getting the team some experience in support, something we don’t have any of yet. Its essential for smooth running expedition length races, and we’ll be counting on his expertise in list making!

3 Responses to “Angry Seagull 2008”

  1. comment number 1 by: brent

    OK, so DNF by Novarobot, and its all my fault!!! Got hit with a pretty nasty bug a few days before the race, and tried to nurse myself back to health. the day before I had slight fever and massive headache, but that went mostly away. However, I never did regain the stomach for food.

    About 16 hours in, I still hadn’t been able to shove down more than about 500 calories which is abysmal for racing. The swamp did me in though, cold tired and unable to eat I was not warming up, so had to make the call. Hugely disappointing for me, but was actually starting to get dangerous in the swamp, and we would have had another 3+ hours of it anyway.

    Oh well, there is always next year!

    • comment number 2 by: frankj

      My son and I did support crew. Admirably I’ll say. hot coffee, chocolate, snacks. Kind words. We did our part. Big hearted Doug did his. the rest of the team needed more encouragement. As I said when they dropped out, if I’d been with them, they would have finished.

      • comment number 3 by: brent

        I’ll second the admiration frankj. You guys did not only a wicked job of stepping in and crewing for us, you even helped out our competition!

        Transitions were totally organized and a quick flow for us. I suspect you improved our time just by the preparedness.

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