Raid the Hammer 2008

November 12th, 2008
Raid The Hammer
Dont Get Lost

Host: Don’t Get Lost Adventure Running

Date: November 9th, 2008

Type: Half Marathon / Orienteering

Category: Male ( Team of 3 )

Team: Brent Hysop, Eric Lewis, Frank Job

Race Report : Frank Job
Fully prepared the night before. BackPack hydration full, side pockets stocked with Power Gels and Premium Plus crackers. Clothes laid out. Just had to get up and get going. I was to pick up Eric and rendezvous with Brent at his house.

On the road early so there’d be no issues. Good thing. Missed the Trafalgar Road exit on QEW. Phoned Eric and with some solace on the phone, found his place. Loaded up the new Accent (yes, the green Love Van is gone now) and made our way to Brent’s.

When we arrived, Brent peeked out his front door in his fancy new tights. Very proud he appeared. Strong legs. We transferred Little Lugger and my laundry hamper to his Suburu (more room),

A stop at Tims where I bought and we got to the Ancaster Convention Centre right on time. One map had been picked up the day before at Adventure Attic by the keeners. We got 2 more plus the swag. I gave my bag to Eric. Some free Clif bars were available (I had one later and it was good. Chocolate power bar with 20g of protein. NO ill effects.).

A chilly captain’s meeting outside on the mound under the Salomon arch and a hot bus ride to the start at Clapson’s corners unsettled my mind. Some hints that we needed to sit 3 to a seat didn’t help. I tried to lighten it up with sex jokes but it was the wrong crowd. With this mental confusion and sweat dripping in my eyes, doncha know, I put my map down as soon as we got off the bus, put on my gloves and hat and, still don’t know how, lost my map. BEFORE the race even started.

Took a look around but I think someone picked it up. Probably a joker.

Enough…on to the race. The crowd of folk all had to squeeze down a little single-track trail. Eric called out to me that it was just like my swimming pool. Huh? I don’t even have a pool. Beats me what he was thinking. Perhaps he imagined himself to be a funny-man.

I kept up pretty good. A lady fell 2 in front of me so that slowed us down a little. I was OK with that. After maybe 15 minutes of running like a thoroughbred (and puffing like a bloodhound) we got to where we could “spread out”. Brent had designated himself as the Nav so he did what he wanted. I could have helped a little I’m sure but was relegated to the status of follower. Ok again.

Holy Cow! We went up and down hills. So steep! I was spidermanning up them and body sliding down. In what seems like a blur of time to me, Brent/Eric found all the CPs. Yes, hard to believe. But they claim it was that way. And even when I had a feeling we were just wandering like those proverbial you-know-whos, I was told, Nope, we’re “right on”.

We met the Angry Seagull organizers a few times, that guy from Running Free was dogging our footsteps frequently. I think I crossed paths with the lady I teamed with at Peak2Peak. Said hi. We ran thru a tunnel about 7 feet high and 10 feet wide. Not too long but there was a river running through it. My dry socks excelled in keeping my feet comfy. I looked like a real tru-blue O’er as I high-stepped thru the water without a care.

We even ran thru town (I guess it was Hamilton cause the streets were named King and Main but by then I had no idea where we were). I looked good. The other fellas were able to nav and keep up with me but I could see a certain amount of strain on their faces. I subtly eased up.

I still don’t know what was the cause, but in the middle I kinda hit a low for a couple of hours. Not much energy. Vision like I had blinders on. I could see everywhere but could really only think about what was in my immediate vicinity. Ate lots. Drank plenty (urinated twice I’m proud to say). Whatever, it was, I felt a huge improvement in the final hour or so.

On our final run in, E and B somehow forgot that we were a THREE man team and ran ahead across the field and along the asphalt path. Not wanting them to appear silly in front of the organizers and volunteers, I super picked-it-up and caught up in time for them to SI in while I did a low five with some guy who was just standing there. Then, oh no! It actually wasn’t the finish. One more short run (maybe 200 feet) and we were done.

In for pizza and cookies and coffee. Just like a cowboy, I ate as much as I could. Eric did fine for himself too. Brent was careful. The tights were probably, uhhh, tight?

Drove home, finished our supply of silly jokes, and congratulated big hearted Doug on his leading his team to certain defeat.

This was my hardest outing I can remember. I had intentions to go hard, and I did what I could.

Redemption is what I’m calling it.

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