Thomass 2009 - Kelso

November 23rd, 2008
Thomass 2008 - 2009
GHO Racing

Host: Various

Date: November 23, 2008

Type: Sprint Orienteering

Team: Brent Hysop, Frank Job

Thomass Extreme Winter Adventure Running 2009

Thomass (1) – Kickoff (Kelso) Nov 23,2008 - Franks Race Report

Hosted by Gators Orienteering Club

From Attackpoint Posting:
Today I was running solo and determined to go as slow as required to allow me to judge bearings and distances. I’m just a novice so completing the course was never a consideration. I just go as far as I can in the time allowed.

Did pretty good I’ll say. Hit all the CPs I was going for except 1. I even took care of CP#3 twice! In my enthusiasm, I saw it standing lonely in the snow, SI’d in and then realized that I had missed the second box. OhOH. Back-tracked, took care of the CPs I required, ran back and did 3 again (this time was easy) and then ran to the finish. Hot cider was good.

Looking forward to more of this.

The schedule:
Night before: got all items from O’ checklist ready and printed out directions to Kelso again.
04:30 up (can’t sleep)
06:30 no breakfast. Get dressed and load laundry hamper with stuff
07:30 depart
08:30 McDonalds on Hwy 25 for coffee and muffin and washroom break
09:00 at Kelso hanging around and registering
10:30 Race Start

Like everybody else, my race started with a run up and across the ski hill which rapidly degenerated into a stumbling, breathing heavy, walk. Got the first CP pretty easy (just followed the rest). Up the hill to the trail and on to the first Thomass box. My handicap is 3 so I had planned to get 4 of the CPs in the first box. Like making a loop. Missed one, oh well. Just add one to the second box. My plan was pretty flexible so that was no problem.

I moved along pretty well once I was away from other folk. Sometimes I took a little sit-me-down on a log to figure out where I might be and what my bearing should be.

Made some good time on the trails and clocked into #3 easy as pie. Oops. Good thing I took a look at the map. I missed the second box. I debated (with myself) just giving up and going to the finish. But it was too early, there was too much time left and I would have been really embarrassed.

So back to the box, took the CPs no sweat, met a man with a dog and ran back to #3 cause I really knew where it was. Then down the hill. I gave some thought to the pre-race warnings that some of the areas were “out-of-bounds’ due to “10 feet deep snow”. Since I had no idea where these drifts were, all I could do was take big steps down the hill. I had some spare thought-time to devise a plan to body-surf out of the drifts. Probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.

As time was up, I just jogged in. Got my slip and went to sit in the car. My once-in-a-while team-mate was gone. Real social. He had left a scrap of paper with an excuse on my windshield. Ok.

Back to McDonalds, some chicken wraps and a coffee to go. Oh happy day.

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