Thomass 2009 - Bronte

December 7th, 2008
Thomass 2008 - 2009
GHO Racing

Host: Various

Date: December 7, 2008

Type: Sprint Orienteering

Team: Brent Hysop, Eric Lewis, Frank Job, Chris Williams

Thomass Extreme Winter Adventure Running 2009
Thomass (2) - Chase (Bronte) Dec 7,2008 - Franks Race Report

Hosted by GHO (Golden Horseshoe Orienteering)

The schedule:
Night before: get all items from O’ checklist ready
06:00 up
06:30 light breakfast (shredded wheat and hot water)
07:30 depart
07:45 McDonalds coffee and muffin and newspaper
08:15 Oh no! I’m Late…back on the road
08:45 meet up with group
09:15 Bronte for registration
09:30 start worrying
10:00 or so…sprint start
10:00 or so plus 1/2 hour return
11:30 Start Chase

So that’s the plan. Temps -7 going lower. But in the bush should be better with no wind anyway. I’ll wear double gloves.

From AttackPoint Posting:
These are training for me. I’m no good at running xctry, easily confused and lose track of where North/South are all-the-time. If I go slow, even sometimes sit down on a log to figure out what’s happening, I do OK. I never finish a course. At this point, I doubt if I ever will.

The sprint start was a killer. I was trying a new compass (a cheapo) and it didn’t work. I had packed my normal compass, which is too big with a mirror flip-up. Got it out, blew on my hands to try to get at least one finger working again and kept going. My feet were frozen, I got mixed up and the half hour time limit didn’t leave me a lot of think-time. So I ran in to Finish from the wrong direction. A bit embarassing if anyone was watching. The Novarobot team (on which I am just-a-sub) saw me. They’re used to it.

I started the Chase with the final pack. Getting the first 3 CPs was easy. I was almost last. Simply follow the leader. Then I was alone! Oh Oh. Got 4. Whew! Feeling confident I picked it up and found what I thought was 5. Except, it didn’t have an SI. As I was leaving and setting up to go to “C”, something didn’t feel right.

Paths/trails weren’t going the right directions! No matter how I turned the map, it wouldn’t fit the landscape. Yep, I had missed 5, found “C” and now was left with the prospect of going back to get 5. I didn’t. No point. I wasn’t going to complete anyway. So I continued on, bumped into the other Novarobot extended family at 6, let them go ahead and got the rest of the CPs myself.

Back in the car, we exchanged stories. I was given some character building compliments. I returned the nice words. I can see the team gelling.

Note: L knee hurt after sprint. I think the uncertain footing mighta sprained something. Inside front.

Overall, very happy with my Orienteering. Getting better. I liked the post-race apple cider so much, I bought a litre at Longo’s on the way home.

Just to add a bit of spice. This was the race where Chris W. lost his SI down his pants. I accepted his explanation of how it got there, but I have some doubts. I’ll try not to sit beside him again.

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