March 8th, 2007

Novarobot Adventure Racing / Gear Reviews and Racing Life, is a portal for multi-sport racers dedicated to advancing the skills of our audience. This site aims to give back to the community some specialized knowledge we all have gained over the years, through trials and errors, and various other tests. Summarized, Novarobot Adventure Racing hopes to fulfill three aims with this portal:

Our first aim is to provide our readers with reviews and recommendations on the latest multi-sport gear. Not only can you read and get informed about the latest gear we have personally reviewed, but as a community you can rate each item on your own. This way, we have reviewer ratings, as well as the ratings of the multi-sport community to provide you with the best possible information.

Secondly, we hope to provide our readers with lots of information and training articles. This provides a great tool for training, which allows athletes to fine tune their programs with greater benefit. Rather than go through a bunch of hard lessons and mistakes, hopefully we can alleviate some of the more common mistakes made in various areas. These articles also have reader comments, which bring the collective wisdom of our readers to you.

Finally, this site will serve as a log and promotion for our racing team and sponsors. Not only does this keep our friends, sponsors and competitors up to date on our racing, but it also gives the reader some insight into racing life. What can you expect? What kind of things pop up? How can you prepare for expeditions? Sprints? Racing life is so much more than just the race, so this blog-like section gives you the reader, a look into our careers.

Enjoy Novarobot Adventure Racing / Gear Reviews and Racing Life!