Brent Hysop

July 22nd, 2007
Brent Hysop
Brent Hysop

Residence: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Training City: Burlington/Oakville, Canada

Birth Data: March 24, 1971 - Saskatoon, Canada

Vitals: 5′ 11″ , 170 lbs.

Profession: IT Security Lead

Growing up adventuring through the wilderness of Canada, Brent has taken years of outback life into the adventure racing field. An experienced mountain biker, climber and canoeist, Brent has recently been turning up the heat while tuning his running discipline. Through the last few years, Brent has also been leading the team through increasingly more difficult navigation tests, adventure running and orienteering with world class champions. Brents increased training schedule and diversity of competition has translated into much improved results for the 2008 season, with 3 podium placements so far.
Highlights & Competitions

  • 1st Place - Storm the Trent Elite Mens
  • 6th Place - Storm the Ten Pairs
  • Raid the Hammer, Giants Rib Raid, Salomon Snowshoe Raid, Sulphur Springs 50km, Thomass Winter Orienteering, Angry Seagull 24hr, Various Regional Orienteering Races


  • 2nd Place - Storm the Trent
  • 3rd Place - Snowshoe Raid
  • 8th Place - SAC Canadian Championship - Mens Open
  • Lake to Lake Classic, Sulphur Springs, Giants Rib Raid


  • 8th Place - Storm the Trent
  • 7th Place - Stoney Lake Triathlon
  • Raid the Hammer, Sulphur Springs


  • Storm the Trent (8th/8th), Coed & Pairs
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