Eric Lewis

July 24th, 2007
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis

Residence: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Training City: Burlington/Oakville, Canada

Birth Data: November 4, 1977 - Ontario, Canada

Vitals: 5′ 10″ , 180 lbs.

Profession: Infrastructure Analyst

Eric spent much of his spare time as a youth confused, tired, hurt and even lost in the Ontario wilderness. In the beginning it was just something to do. Then after a conversation with long time friend and now Novarobot super-teammate Brent Hysop, Eric learned that his “skills” could be useful in a sport! An actual sport, dedicated to testing mental and physical limits. A sport where getting lost, pushing past exhaustion and even injuries decide who will be victorious. And most importantly a sport where you can spend lots of money on new, better, lighter, sexier equipment.
Highlights & Competitions

  • 2nd Place - Storm the Trent
  • 3rd Place - Snowshoe Raid
  • 6th Place - Storm the Ten
  • 1st Place - Heart Lake Dragon Boat
  • 8th Place - SAC Canadian Championships
  • Lake to Lake Classic, Sulphur Springs, Giants Rib Raid, GWN Dragon Boat


  • 8th Place - Storm the Trent
  • 7th Place - Stoney Lake Triathlon
  • Raid the Hammer, Thomass Chase, Sulphur Springs


  • Storm the Trent (8th/8th), Coed & Pairs
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