Doug Begbie

July 15th, 2008
Doug Begbie
Doug Begbie

Residence: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Training City: Burlington/Oakville, Canada

Birth Data: March 21, 1975 - Canada

Vitals: 6′ 4″ , 240 lbs hoping for less

Profession: National Project Coordinator, Security Systems

While growing up just outside of Algonquin park and having a father who is a scout leader definitely instilled the love of the outdoors in Douglas, only recently has adventure racing become a new challenge. Since having met Brent, Doug has competed in a few races and has decide he actually likes it. and looks forward with only some trepidation to the next big challenge of a 24 hour race.
Highlights & Competitions

  • 3rd Place - Storm the Trent, Mens Solo
  • Snowshoe Raid


  • Sulpher Springs Trail Race 10K
  • Storm the 10
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