Giant’s Rib

March 10th, 2007
Giants Rib Raid
Dont Get Lost

Host: Don’t Get Lost Adventure Running

Date: April 7th, 2007

Type: Half Marathon / Orienteering

Category: Male ( Team of 3 )

Team: Brent Hysop, Eric Lewis, Frank Job

Armed with only compasses, a map and our near super human skill we will run*, orienteer*, and fly* this demanding Half Marathon Raid course. The “Don’t Get Lost” series are well organized, challenging and exciting races. The entire team is looking forward to breaking out of the winter blues in our second race of the 2007 season.

*Particapants may not really run.
*Particapants may not really orienteer.
*Particapants may not really fly.

Check back in after April 7 for details.

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